Thursday, February 3, 2011

15 feet of pure white snow

Tuesday night
It's been a pretty weird week in Chicago - I can't think of any time I've witnessed such snowy madness (unless you count any time it snowed in Portland, where even an inch could shut the entire city down).  Luckily I have plenty of yarn on hand in the event of a snowpocalypse, and our new couch was delivered the day before.  That's pretty lucky!  Just this week alone, I think we've gotten our money's worth as we've clocked some serious couch-breaking-in hours. 

I had a lot of non-knitting to-do's to acccomplish earlier in the week, but I did manage to finish a new work hat for Tyler - his only cotton hat for work has seen better days.  This was a nice fast-knitting little hat, and it fits him perfectly! 

Pattern:  Boarder's Beanie by Lauren Sanchez

Original Date of Queue:  June 19, 2008

Yarn:  Knit Picks Simply Cotton Worsted in Envy Heather

Our street, Wednesday afternoon
On Wednesday I finished the Stephen West shawl from Malabrigo Book 3, but haven't had time to block it as of presstime.  It turned out pretty well, despite the previously-mentioned issues, so I'm looking forward to getting it ready to wear (and posted on here!)

I also came across a link to my whale chart on this cute little blog.  It's always funny to me, the things that people latch on to - to illustrate the point, my mustachio nosewarmer is still the most favorited design on my Ravelry page.  It was something that I made on a lark after joking about it at work one day...I never imagined anyone would like it, much less want to make one for themselves, but it's nice to know that others are in on the joke nonetheless. 

Tilly wants to help! 
I've also been meaning to post these photos of the never-ending sport-weight sweater - the end is near, my friends!  The sleeves have been joined to the body and just tonight, I began the pattern on the yoke.  If I'm lucky, perhaps this sweater will be done by the end of the month!  I probably just jinxed myself, but sometimes you have to dream big, right?  
Robin really likes the new couch, he's already claimed his official spot.

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