Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pillar-y pillow

Things are happening!  Yes they are!  It's been yet another whirlwind week - trips to the vet, a yarn party, a late night out last night seeing the Dum Dum Girls @ the Empty Bottle - and somehow, between all that and working two jobs, I've managed to get a few projects off the needles and start just as many to replace them.  It's all about priorities, right?!

I need to block this finished piece, but I'm just so thrilled with how it turned out, I want to share it!   Robin, of course, wanted in on the action - since the couch is his new favorite hangout, I guess he was equally excited to have something new and soft to snuggle up to.

Pattern:  September Pillow by Pam Allen
Yarn:  Quince & Co. Osprey in Peacock

I can't think of a time in recent OR ancient history that I've made a project using the exact yarn and color combination specified in a pattern.  This might be an historic first for me, but it was a total fluke.  Tyler bought me these three lovely skeins of yarn, and as soon as our couch arrived, I knew they would have to become some squishy pillows. 

I made very few modifications to this easy cabled pattern, and only because Michael's was out of the 14"x14" pillow forms when I was there the other day.  In order to fit a 12"x12" form, I worked three full repeats of the chart, and then rnds 1-10.  Instead of binding off, I divided the stitches in half, turned the pillow inside-out, and did a quick little three-needle bind-off.  After I block out the piece, I'll just have to seam the bottom end - nice and simple!

I'm fairly certain that, since I didn't make the full-size pillow, I have enough yarn left over to make a twin.  I have to say, it was such fast knit, I'm fairly certain I will knit this pattern again - if not for me, then perhaps to give as a gift!

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