Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog Week Entry #3: Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

Blog Week is rolling right along with Day 3:

How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised? It seems like an easy to answer question at first, but in fact organisation exists on many levels. Maybe you are truly not organised at all, in which case I am personally daring you to try and photograph your stash in whatever locations you can find the individual skeins. However, if you are organised, blog about an aspect of that organisation process, whether that be a particularly neat and tidy knitting bag, a decorative display of your crochet hooks, your organised stash or your project and stash pages on Ravelry.
A big mess.
I've already posted earlier this year about my attempts to get organized. It's an on-going project, since I have a knack for undoing all my work.  I can't seem to keep my yarn room tidy for more than a few days!  My grandmother used to say that an artist shouldn't be afraid to be messy (in fact, I think she encouraged such things,).  Apparently I have really taken this to heart!  Seriously, there is a table underneath all that yarn.  Previously, said yarn was sorted neatly into bins by weight.  Now it's sitting out on my craft table in hopes of being knit into something rad in the not-so-distant future.  Would that I had more knitting time these days!  Similarly, my books were strewn throughout the house - most of them in the craft room, but then a few piles around the couch where I typically knit as well....perhaps a few on the kitchen get the idea.

I'm not sure if I was fueled by the subject of this entry or not, but on Monday I undertook the Great Reorganization.  I spent over half of the day moving ALL of the knitting books to a shelf near the couch - which I am loving because I can knit and gaze at all the titles, imagining all the awesome things I'll make next.
Books! Glorious books!
I also tidied up the yarn mess, keeping out the skeins I might need in the near future, and putting the rest back where they belong. 
As good as it's going to get.
Finally, I busted out the awesome sparrow clothespins I'd bought from Crate & Barrel and hung up some of my swatches. 

Birds on a wire.


  1. Love the idea to hang up your swatches with those great clothespins!

  2. thanks! i have a bunch leftover - i might have to hang up some fun colorwork mittens too!