Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Monsters & Mittens

I finished Malabrigo March Monster #2 this week - this time, I used up all of my bits and bobs of Chunky (you may recall seeing this in both incarnations of my Kitchy Pleated Bag!)...with a little bit of Zealana Eco Chunky to fill in the blanks.

Pattern:  Tony the Toy Box Monster by Rebecca Danger - from The Big Book of Monsters

Malabrigo Chunky in Charrua (brown/blue) and Frank Ochre
Zealana Eco Chunky (NZ Merino/Cashmere blend) in Chestnut

Meanwhile, I came across another fantastic FO using my free whale chart...I might have to make myself a pair of these - they're a little too irresistible!

Ravelry user Gatchan knit these up these sport-weight fingerless mitts with two colors of Phildar Tonic.  My favorite detail is the continuation of the checkered detail on the thumb!

Check it out for yourself!

I should also probably share my sheep mitten FO photos - though I'd like to get a few better-quality images!  They turned out well - and they're nice and warm!   They've provided me with hours of entertainment - making them dance around, shouting "sheep attack" as I smack people in the face...I also discovered that they're perfect to drive in, since you have your thumb and index finger handy and don't slide all over the steering wheel.  Bonus! 

Pattern:  Sheep Mittens!  by Allyson Dykhuizen - from The Sweatshop of Love's Hello Winter! eBook

Imperial Stock Ranch Pencil Roving (light grey)
The Snow Leopard Trust Handspun Camel Yarn (black)

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