Monday, February 20, 2012

Knitterly Perks

Those of you who regularly read this blog also know me in real life (is that a crazy assumption to make?), so you are aware that I work with various knitting- and yarn-related companies as part of my job (in addition to being a crazy yarn lady in my spare time).  In a nutshell, I help people create & implement their marketing strategy in the realm of social media - I work from home and I can safely say it's the best. job. ever.

I also have the best clients.  This isn't a news flash, but the knitting world is filled with (mostly) awesome people, and lucky me, I get to work with the awesomest of the awesomest.  

Sorry for gushing - I hope I didn't just send anyone into a nauseous tailspin - but it's been a while since I had the kind of job I loved doing every flipping day.  Which brings me to reason #547 why this job rocks:  yes, there are perks.  Besides all of the fun and freebies of the trade show, my clients have been showing me the love these past few months.  In most cases, I was already a fan long before getting to work with these fine people, but working more closely with them has solidified my brand loyalty for sure.  And let me tell you, this job is MUCH easier to do when you love the products and people you're promoting.

So yes, I get a paycheck every month because of my work purveyors of my drug of choice - but if I didn't think their products were top-notch and something I'd be using anyway, no matter what industry I was working in, they wouldn't be mentioned here.  I was raised with the adage "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Before I digress entirely, here are some of my recent prized gifts, in no particular order: 

Eucalan Goodies!
Fancy German sock yarn from Gayla at Doodlebug Yarn (these will become a pair of Wedge Socks in the very near future!):
VK Live! project bag & yak yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch:

Knitter's Pride needles & crochet hooks (Dreamz sock set, Cubics DPNs, and ergonomic crochet hooks!):
It's not a bad life, eh?


  1. I am SO happy that you love your job. You have had enough crappy ones to be able to do something that you love every day!