Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cookie A!

Fan-girl photo by Lauren!
Cookie A's Toe-Up Socks class this weekend was fantastic!  I can't believe I am only now writing about it, but it's been yet another crazy week.  

This is the first-ever "official" class I've ever taken, so I suppose I don't have much of a measuring stick to go by, but this class far exceeded any expectations.  Cookie was personable, knowledgeable, and above all, knew how to keep a large group of people with varying skill sets on task.  I loved that she prefaced the class by saying "I will read all the instructions three times - please hold all of your questions, and then if you still need help after the third repeat of the instructions, we can break out from the group for individual help."  Brilliant!  Those that wanted hands-on help received it, and for more independent learners such as myself, I was able to follow along with the detailed course materials and verbal instruction.  

I signed up for this class because I have never been comfortable with the toe-up sock-making process, though I've knit about three or four pairs successfully to completion.  I was hoping for an "aha!" moment, and I think I got it.  I love her yarnover short-row heel, and I'm excited to give it a try on my next pair of (you guessed it) toe-up socks.  The worksheets she included in the course materials will help me freestyle many pairs of toe-up socks, too - so I'm excited to plug in various stitch patterns while destashing yarn.  Finally, my favorite tip from the weekend was a sage bit of advice on avoiding holes when joining back to the round after working the heel:  pick up the bar between the instep and heel stitch (whichever one closes the gap) and knit three together/slip-slip-slip knit.  Genius!  Why didn't this ever occur to me?!

Everyone made a tiny worsted-weight baby bootie during the class as we practiced each of the techniques - here they are all at the end of the class! 

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  1. What a great class to have as your "first"!