Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Things + Cute Cat Pix

The Wisconsin Spin In got me excited about needle felting again - so I set up a little workstation in the enclosed porch earlier this week!  I hope having a dedicated workspace will help me branch out a little bit this summer. I've since relocated my yarn swift and ball-winder to the area; meanwhile, Robin has already staked his claim:
In other news, we FINALLY GOT A NEW LAPTOP.  This has been a long time coming, as our current laptop is simply unable to keep up with the amount of work we're making it do of late.  After I smashed the screen, it's been a little on the sensitive side; plus, the battery is kaput, it needs way more RAM to handle all of the graphics work we're doing on a daily basis, and you can make and eat a grilled cheese sandwich in the time it takes to do a restart.  Hence it is with great joy and ALL CAPS that I announce the latest addition to our home office, the MacBook Pro!  Tyler is getting it all set up, and Robin is demonstrating how I spend a good 75% of my work hours (unless it's a sunny day - then bring that number down to 30%):
One more thrilling bit of news:  I finally got that bean bag chair I'd been wishing for!  Now I have a comfortable place to take a knitting break (if only I would let myself do so from time to time):

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