Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tightrope KAL Week 2: What Progress!

It's amazing to me how quickly I can complete a project if I don't let myself get distracted by anything else. To wit, I've already finished the first Tightrope sock for the KAL!  On Friday night I ended up watching a bunch of Home Movies (the show, not actual home movies) while Tyler recorded a new song.  When he emerged from his studio, he had most of the song recorded and I had finished a sock!  Yes, it's a wild life we lead...

Actually, this last week has been pretty eventful:
Instagram: Socks-in-progress
  • Tyler gave his two weeks' notice at his crappy job;  several places are now hiring that would be a much better fit for him - and closer to home, too, so it seems like a good time to take the plunge.  
  • We got good news from our tax preparer - we'll be getting a refund from the feds that will help us buy a second computer! This means that Tyler can pick up sidework with the transcription place he sometimes works for, as well as website design work (he recently re-designed our band's website - check it out!)
  • I found out that I get to attend the famed Designer Dinner that Marly Bird hosts every year at TNNA in Columbus - something I've been hoping would happen!  
  • I had a few technology-related meltdowns, the worst one being that Firefox decided to completely spazz out and delete all of our bookmarks.  Something is seriously wrong with it, but I don't have time to mess around with it to figure out just what - I just switched to Google Chrome finally.  The meltdown occurred as we finally switched to a wifi network at home (we'd previously had a usb thingy). Awesome, yes, but of course the setup was a little dicey.  All in all, I spent way too much time on the phone with Clear this week, but at least the end result is worth the inconvenience.  
  • Instagram finally made an app for the Android platform.  Great day in the morning!  In general, I don't find myself pining away for an iPhone or specific apps, but Instagram always seemed like it would be fun to play around with, and now I finally get to.  One of my first photos was of my KAL socks-in-progress, naturally. 
  • Friday night we had vegan banh mi for dinner!  Perhaps I need to get out more, but I think this counts as newsworthy.  There's an awesome place off the beaten path (read: a hike from the blue line stop) called Bon Bon that makes the most delicious Tofu Lemongrass banh mi.  They also have non-vegan items - actually a pretty extensive menu - and besides being super-tasty, they are also reasonably priced.  
  • We ended up buying Pitchfork tickets again this year - just to go on Sunday, when pretty much all of our favorite bands are playing (Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Beach House...).  Man oh man, I hope it's not 100+ degrees like last year, that was brutal.  
Oh yes, back to the socks - they are flying off my needles!  I will probably have them done by the end of next weekend, if you can believe it.  Which is great, because then I can finish my second Trilobite sock (more on that later this week) and get ready for the two KALs I'll be participating in for May (more on those later, too!).  Is there a KAL 12-step program?  I think I'm addicted!

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