Friday, April 6, 2012

"You Just Can't!": A Special Edition of FO Friday

Not that my cousin would ever react in this manner (she and her husband are both super-cool, laid-back people), this is what I immediately think of whenever the subject of wedding gift-giving etiquette comes up:

Knowing that there "you just can't" give a wedding gift after the one-year anniversary, I wanted to be sure to hit that mark for my cousin Alex & her new husband Derek, who got married last May.  I actually began knitting their gift long before their wedding, but I didn't finish it til late last fall.  My intention was to present it when we went home for the holidays, but we ended up staying in Chicago instead.  When we went back for what was dubbed "fake christmas" in January, Alex & Derek were on a well-deserved mini vacation....and also it didn't fit in our luggage with all of the other holiday gifts.

Thankfully, I headed down to KC earlier this month and had PLENTY of room for some ginormous pillows.  I'm pleased to report that the newlyweds (I can still say that since I got it in under the wire!) loved their wedding gift and these two alpaca pillows with vintage shell buttons have found a good home! 

They proved difficult to photograph, however - the white buttons really gave me fits!  I never was able to capture them just right - each one was slightly different with natural variations and interesting carved designs.  Oh well, you'll just have to take my word for it.

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