Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TNNA Columbus

Getting caught up on everything I
missed while at TNNA!
I'm back from Columbus with many souvenirs (among them, the summer cold that's been going around) & stories.  It was quite the whirlwind and I'm glad to be home; in the last week and half, I logged about 1700 miles on the road, so I'm more than a little excited to stay close to home for the rest of the summer.
This time around, we had a booth for and The Wool Wide Web.  We were in the same corner as Deep South Fibers, directly across from Ysolda Teague's booth - she built a yarn shop from the ground up!  I didn't have as much time to prowl the show floor as I did last year, but I think I was able to hit most of the highlights.  Besides that, I got to attend Marly Bird's Designer Dinner (more on that later), the Vogue Knitting party, and the Craftsy party, so I really can't complain.  The downside to all of this was that I ran myself ragged and am now nursing a nasty cold; without fail, that's what happens when I don't get much sleep, travel too much over a short period of time, and throw in a whole bunch of stress on top of everything else.
This lil guy appeared outside our hotel
one morning!
For much of the weekend, I was running from meeting to meeting or event to event - anyone who knows me well can attest that the words "I'm hungry" are something I say several times throughout the day, but I didn't even have time to feel hungry over the weekend.  I did, however, think often of my family, especially on Saturday, which was the day of Grandpa's funeral.  I still can't help feeling that it's pretty crappy of me to attend a trade show rather than my own grandfather's funeral, even though my family insisted I shouldn't cancel my plans.  My colleagues and clients were all very supportive over the weekend, and my sister and parents sent me photos and updates so that I could at least feel like I was a part of everything.
Of course, at the end of the day, a little fiber therapy goes a long way - and there was no shortage of that throughout the weekend.  I came home with plenty of beautiful yarns to knit with, along with many other goodies as well.  The instagrams below are just the beginning; here's hoping I can share everything in more detail in the weeks to come - it's shaping up to be a very busy summer for me!
From top to bottom:  Lovely yarns from Anzula, Mountain Meadow Wool, Manos, and Lotus Yarns; Herdy mug; Anzula and The Uncommon Thread (from Gayla!); Amy Singer was hanging out these ninja bunny project bags for Knitty's 10th anniversary!

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  1. glad you're home! get some rest :)