Friday, June 15, 2012

Possibly Maybe CAL

There is a CAL starting today in the Lorna's Laceaholics Ravelry group to kick off Kristin Omdahl's brand new design in Honor, Soldier Love.  I'm not entirely certain I have the crochet chops to complete this CAL, but thought it would be fun to try anyway!

I'll be using Shepherd Sock...though I wish I was using Honor, because it's a really soft and amazing Alpaca/Silk blend (I have a little in my stash, but not enough to use for this CAL).  I just couldn't get my act together to obtain the two skeins needed - all this pre-TNNA prep has been insane - and then I found some custom sock colors in my stash from back when I dyed yarn at Lorna's Laces.  The only problem is, which one to choose?

From L-R: Inky, Grass Green & Firefly Stripe, and The Curse of Millhaven:

The other burning question on my mind is, "Will I make it past the swatching stage?!"  There will be tutorial videos and help along the way, so hopefully there is enough hand-holding for a total crochet newbie like me to successfully complete a scarf (I don't have any illusions that I can create anything more than that!).  Stay tuned!

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