Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Big Progress!

Over the weekend, I met my goal to finish the first sweater piece for the Fieldwork Cardigan:
Of course, unblocked, it just looks plain weird, but that is the sleeve and one half of the back of the sweater. The pattern is from the new Pom Pom Quarterly (you can read my recent review here) and I'm using some gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from the Sincere Sheep!

I visited family over the weekend and made some major progress on my Freia Cowl. It's now at that difficult-to-photograph phase, which means I am very close to being done:
Finally, Tyler and I went to the a free show downtown (Speck Mountain and Sharon Van Etten) on Monday night, which was the perfect time to work on my Baah! socks. I even got the heel turned and made it nearly all the way through the gusset shaping:
Tyler took some really cool photos at the show - the show took place in the Pritzker Pavilion, which was designed by Frank Gehry and is pretty cool to look at, much less sit in and enjoy music. He also used his telephoto lens to take some band shots from where we sat. Even though it was chilly, it was a great show; it was the kind of night that reminds you why it's so awesome to call Chicago home. We also realized afterwards that we accidentally upheld a tradition we had when we first started dating - on or around June 2, our arbitrarily determined date when we became an "official" couple, we always try to go to a show(on June 2 in 2000, we went to go see Sleater-Kinney together, hence the arbitrary date - it was the first major event we could both remember).
Sharon Van Etten
Pritzker Pavilion

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  1. Nice photos - beautiful colors and your cowl has beautiful colors throughout.