Monday, June 17, 2013

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Canopy Fingering in Sumac
Monday posts are always a wild card for me, but more and more frequently they are the place where I share my latest yarn obsession, what's new on one of my favorite sites, Craftsy, or some sort of yarn-related review. Hopefully these posts are interesting for you, my dear readers (after all, that's what it's all about)!

As one of my favorite yarn stores prepares to close its virtual doors (read more about that here), I found myself placing yet another order a the beginning of this month. I've fallen in love with the yarns from The Fibre Company and simply couldn't resist snagging a sweater's worth of Canopy Fingering for under $50!

Peruvian Manta
When it arrived, I absentmindedly piled the yarn onto a pretty piece of weaving (called a manta) that my colleague Leanne had bought for me in Peru. Later, I realized that they both complemented each other quite well, so I took some stash photos using the manta as a backdrop. I'm planning on making the Grace cardigan from Jane Richmond's ISLAND collection once I finish my Fieldwork Cardigan.

I am also really excited about Carol Feller's new Craftsy class, Sweater Surgery. I have plenty of sweaters from my early (and, let's face it, recent) days of knitting that could use a few nips and tucks to make them fit a little better. At this point, I am having a hard time justifying signing up for another Craftsy class simply because at last count, I had 12 classes on my roster.  However, this one is pretty different from the classes I've already signed up for: it's focused more on fixing existing projects (instead of making something new) and can even be used to alter store-bought sweaters.

Reading the class description, I am most excited to learn Carol's quick sewing technique to add shaping; I have a sweater with some sleeve cuffs that are way too big and I'm loathe to rip them out and knit them again. I'm sure this will come in handy in other instances, too, and it also covers steeking! Bonus: Sweater Surgery is currently on sale for $10 off!

Yes, despite the temperatures rising, I can't seem to stop thinking about making sweaters. Come fall, I should have a pretty nice wardrobe of handknits to keep me warm. I decree this to be the Summer of Sweaters!

Thanks for stopping by this week - see you back here on WIP Wednesday!

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