Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday

ETA: Since Google Reader has gone the way of the dinosaur, I'd like to invite you to follow my blog with Bloglovin so you don't miss out on my latest posts!

I've made a lot of progress since I last blogged about my Fieldwork Cardigan: both of the back pieces are complete, and now I am working on the front left side. It's definitely at that tough-to-photograph stage, so this is probably the last time I'll be posting photos til it's complete!

I find I am zipping through this pattern now that I'm so familiar with the stitch pattern, and it's possible that I can have it finished in a few more weeks, even with the TNNA Trade show this weekend.

Since I finished a few projects over the weekend that I'll be posting about on Friday, I started a Louie the Lovebot (though I'm not sure if I'll be adding on the heart - if I do, it will be after the fact using duplicate stitch rather than intarsia). Also,  I needed to have an "easy" stockinette project to work on!

Finally, I haven't made much progress on my Baah! socks, but they are going to Columbus with me and I expect I'll be able to finish sock #1 and maybe even start the second one. It's 12 hours round-trip to drive, and this year I'm taking the Megabus rather than renting a car - finally, I get to knit on my way to TNNA! It's a dream come true!

Thanks for stopping by this week. For more WIP Wednesday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis Blog!


  1. what a lovely selection of projects :) Your cardigan looks very interesting, I love your socks too

    1. Thanks! The pre-blocked pieces really don't do it justice! I will be pretty excited when it's time to put it together and block out the pretty lace design!

  2. Your Field Work cardigan is going to be so pretty - what a cute design!