Friday, July 18, 2014

Fo Friday: Baby Sweater!

I finished a baby sweater last month, but I didn't want to blog about it til I gave it to the parents-to-be! This is one of my favorite patterns from 60 Quick Baby Knits, the Seed Stitch Yoke Cardigan.

I used some superwash yarn I'd hand-dyed myself back when I still worked at Lorna's Laces. The pooling turned out to be pretty interesting and almost looks like I planned it that way (though I assure you I did not!):
Front Detail 
Back Detail
However, I think the crowning glory of this sweater is the adorable robot buttons:

I recently discovered a new site called Indie Untangled, which is a way to discover awesome new folks in the fiber arts industry. You can sign up for their newsletter to be notified of shop updates, which is especially helpful for smaller businesses whose etsy shops aren't always consistently-stocked.

Anyway, through Indie Untangled, I found a really awesome button-maker called Fastenation Studio, which is where I purchased the buttons for this project. They have a ton of ever-changing cute styles, plus they take custom orders!

Since I was already paying for shipping (which was incredibly low, might I add - $2 for US addresses), I ordered two more button sets:

Seriously, are they not the raddest buttons you have ever seen?! I had quite a hard time giving up those robot buttons in particular. I have a feeling I'll be purchasing another set to use on a sweater for myself before the year is up.

In spinning news, I have another finished skein from my Tour de Fleece efforts:

This is the last 4oz braid of roving I had stashed away from the Sweet Georgia Fibre Club; now seemed like a good time as any to finally spin with it! The fiber is Masham, which is a hardy breed of sheep from Northern England. The colorway is called Wild Pansy, while I am not a huge fan of pink by any stretch of the imagination, but I ended up really liking how this skein spun up. I've got just over 100 yards of DK/light worsted yarn, which I think will be great for making a monster.

Have a crafty weekend!

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