Monday, July 14, 2014

New Design: Forever Linked Hat & Mitts

I'm so excited to share my newest design! I was recently asked to design some accessories for Bijou Basin Ranch's #CountdownToOutlander event which is happening right now! They have a new line of hand-dyed colors inspired the the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon, which is being made into a TV series which premieres on Starz on August 9. The Outlandish collection includes a spectrum of 27 gorgeous colors and comes in two of my favorite bases: Lhasa Wilderness (a blend of yak and bamboo) and Himalayan Trail (a blend of yak and merino).
Himalayan Trail yarn in Lallybroch from the Outlandish color series.
Before we get too far, I have to make a confession: I've never read any of the Outlander books. I have managed to glean a few key plot points here and there in my internet research, but I can't claim to be a super-fan, nor would I want to misrepresent myself as such. I chose to draw my inspiration from scenic photos of Scotland, which is where a large portion of the series takes place. Bijou Basin Ranch has a pretty comprehensive pinterest board which provided ample inspiration in that department, and so the Forever Linked Hat & Mitts were born.

Clearly, the love story between Jamie and Claire is at the heart of the series, so I wanted to capture that with my design.

The hat features two mirrored cables surrounded by garter stitch which are then echoed on each mitt, which has one half of the cable motif from the hat. 

There are cables within the cables, which sounds complicated, but I assure you that's not the case!

Both the hat and fingerless gloves can be knit with just two skeins of Himalayan Trail yarn and would look great in any of the Outlandish colorways.

The pattern is currently available in a kit that you can pre-order for 20% off for a limited time only!

Click here to pre-order the Forever Linked Hat & Mitts Kit from

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  1. What great cables! I love the cable-within-cables look.