Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIPS & SIPS: Major progress & New Schtuff!

The chevron socks of DOOM are finally getting closer to being done, thanks to an 18-hour roadtrip earlier this month. Basically, I forced myself to work on this project as much as I could while en route to Kansas City, where we visited family and celebrated our 9-year (!) wedding anniversary. We ended up bringing home some beertastic souvenirs, of course!
Over the weekend, I finally grafted the second sock together and began the arduous task of knitting the cuffs and toes. I apologize for the all caps, but.....I AM NOW TWO TOES AWAY FROM HAVING THIS PROJECT OFF THE NEEDLES! 
Needless to say, I am really looking forward to this project being done. I know I will love the socks once they're done - the yarn is incredible and they will be super-duper warm, too. However, knitting socks sideways is definitely not for me. I can't stress this enough. I have been working on them since the beginning of May, so it will be a huge relief to go into August with a clean slate. 

In other news, I started another dinosaur for the FreshStitches/Spud & Chloe CAL this month - the more the merrier, right?! I ran out of the contrast color for the final stripe and was getting low on the main color as well, so I am 'cheating' a bit by alternating rounds with another yarn that is close enough in color to make the dino's head. As luck would have it, I happened to have an eensy amount of leftover yellow worsted-weight yarn in my stash that was similar enough to what I've been using to pinch hit! Phew!
This is the final week of the Tour de Fleece, and I have been keeping up with my spinning - in fact, I spun a whole bobbin's-worth of yarn on the rest day this past Monday! On Tuesday, I was ready to ply these two bobbins of singles spun from my batt-making endeavors in June:
One of the singles apparently contains some sort of Elvish magic, because it just won't quit. Once I ran out of the single from the other batt, I started grabbing leftover singles that have been sitting around my craft room - first, the Masham from Sweet Georgia, then some Anzula BFL, followed by leftovers from a different single spun from a batt, and finally, the polwarth I dyed a while back. That pretty much cleared out all of my bobbin leftovers, so I gave up. I'll probably keep all of the leftovers in a single skein (kind of like a magic ball!), though I will separate it from the main yarn.
I also couldn't resist dipping into some of the fiber I'd earmarked for Spinzilla this fall - 8 oz. of natural Jacob top from Louet. It smells so nice and sheepy, and after working with so many dyed fiber and funky batts, I was ready to work with something a little more basic. I set my Victoria to the finest setting (you can read more about it here on Monday's post) and spun through the first half of the fiber - I think these are the thinnest singles I have ever made! The fiber all but spun itself, it was very easy to work with. I'll be spinning the next half of the fiber this week so that I can turn it into a two-ply by the the end of the weekend!
Thanks for joining me this week! For more WIP Wednesday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis Blog!

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