Monday, July 28, 2014

Zoom-Along: Turtle Critter Kit

Today I have something to share that I've been working on in semi-stealth: a turtle made entirely out of Zoom Loom squares!

I was given this everything-you-need kit by the kind folks at the Woolery. In August, they are hosting a super-fun Zoom-along featuring the Zoom Loom Critter Kits, which they currently have on sale on their website. The swatch critter kits are made by DJE Handwovens, and there are several animals to choose from: chameleon, dragon, frog, lion, sheep or turtle. 

The kit was made especially for the Schacht Zoom Loom, and it includes full instructions and enough Mountain Colors yarn to make the critter as pictured. You'll just need to provide your preferred stuffing to complete the project. I chose the Turtle Kit!

I was a little worried about the level of skill needed to assemble the it, but the kit specifically states that if you can sew a button or a hem, you can make a swatch critter. Ok, I can do both of those need to be intimidated!

I wove all of the required squares before I left on my trip, which was the perfect time to block them all as the pattern dictates. I think I've mostly been sharing my progress on instagram, but here is a shot of all of them drying on my blocking mats:

Over the weekend, I jumped in with both feet and started to assemble my turtle.

The instructions were well-written and included diagrams and other helpful information to make assembling my critter a breeze. They also includes some helpful tips for weaving squares on the zoom loom which I know will come in handy for future projects, too.

Bonus: you can leave all of your yarn ends to the inside of the turtle shell - easy peasy!

Here is my finished turtle! If you're worried that you might run out of yarn, I ended up having plenty left over; I probably could have gotten a few more squares out of the green yarn. It's a little hard to see his embroidered face in the photos, but I assure you it's more apparent in real life. I think he's super cute, and I plan on making another one next month during the Woolery's Zoom-Along event!

If you'd like to join in, there are a couple of ways you can participate next month - and, of course, there are PRIZES! You can purchase a Zoom Loom and your choice of kits from the Woolery; if you already own a loom, you have the option to purchase the Critter Kit separately! There is also an option to get creative and dream up your own critter made entirely of Zoom Loom Squares.

Click here to join in the fun!

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