Monday, October 6, 2014

Time to Spin!

Spinzilla starts today! I spent all of this past weekend making sure my fiber was prepped, though I'm not doing anything terribly fancy for this year's event: most of the fibers I am spinning with are hand-dyed roving, so I've just predrafted them into thinner strips to spin directly from the top. Since the focus is on speed and yardage, I had earmarked a few easy-to-spin projects for this week especially.

First, the final set of batts from earlier this year:

Next on my to-do list, some Louet Northern Lights in Icy Winter, which I'll spin as-is since it's already pencil roving:

My latest fiber acquisition is two braids of Malabrigo Nube which I purchased when I was in Minneapolis last week:

I was just in town for a few days on official Stitchcraft business, but managed to stop by Crafty Planet for a little fiber stash enhancement. They have a really amazing selection of fabrics, sewing and embroidery supplies in addition to yarn, of course. It's always fun to visit a LYS or two when traveling to pick up a fibery souvenir. Bonus: they also have a well-stocked online shop!

Good luck to everyone spinning during this week's event. I'll be sharing some of my non-spinning WIPs this Wednesday, see you then!

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