Friday, January 9, 2015

FO Friday: Baby Buffet & Jive Mitts

I'm sure I've mentioned more than a few times that pretty much everyone I know is expecting a baby in the next 6 months (if they haven't already had one). Now that I've finished my holiday gift projects, I'm all about some selfish knitting in the new year, but I can't let my friends and their new little ones go entirely without something handmade! The Baby Sweater Buffet pattern by Allyson Dykhuizen is perfect for all of my baby sweater needs (and yours, too) - it's totally customize-able and knits up quick in worsted weight yarn. I made this cute little Calico Cat sweater recently using some Brava yarn from KnitPicks and three vintage buttons:

I also whipped up a pair of mitts in Blue Sky Alpacas Techno yarn - which is on sale for 50% off at WEBS right now (well, discontinued colors anyway). The yarn itself has an interesting construction I just had to try out for myself: it's a tube of whipped alpaca fiber! It was rather nice to knit with, but the real treat comes with blocking, where it blooms and becomes even softer than it was in the skein. I used the Jive Mitts pattern, which is a quick-knitting mock-cable design.


  1. OMG - you are such an enabler! That Techno looks luscious ... love a WEBS sale.

  2. That is the most adorable baby sweater! My niece may need one of those! Did you duplicate stitch the markings on the back? And the mitts look super cozy! :)