Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday Gifting: Chicago Style

Welcome back! Today is my third and final post sharing the handmade gifts I made this holiday season. As you might have guessed, as Christmas drew nearer, I started to run out of steam! I managed to make a fun little crocodile for my nephew Ethan:

Unfortunately, I only managed to complete one stripey sock for Tyler in time for the holiday (insert HO joke here?), and he was the lucky recipient of said single sock and an IOU on Christmas morning. The good news is, I managed to finish the second sock the end of the following day since I was able to knit in front of him! I used the directions for the Chittery Chattery socks and worked a striped stockinette stitch pattern instead of the knitting the pattern as written with three colors of Louet GEMS Sport. Tyler loves them!

That pretty much wraps up the tour of my holiday knitting. I had high hopes for also whipping up some cute ornaments to use as stocking stuffers, but unfortunately, that never happened. Perhaps in 2015 I will have better luck!

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone!

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  1. At least you finished your fella's sock! Mine has been watching me knit other things will looking on sadly. He's so patient, haha. I'm almost halfway through the second sock, though, so not much longer.