Monday, January 5, 2015

Pattern Re-Release: Alameda Socks

Ever since I discovered that the original yarn called for in my Alameda Sock design was discontinued, I have wanted to update this design. To be totally honest, the yarn I originally chose wasn't particularly well-suited to becoming socks, being that it was a rather inelastic cotton yarn. As much as I wanted a pair of hand-knit cottony summer socks, it just didn't work quite like I had imagined.

When two skeins of beautiful Violet GEMS sport weight yarn arrived on my doorstep, I realized they would be the perfect yarn choice for version 2.0 of the Alameda Socks, and last fall I cast on for a pair which would also conveniently serve as my grandmother's Christmas gift. Two birds, one pair of socks! That's the saying, right??

Anyway, I loved the way they turned out, though the yarn substitution did necessitate a few changes to the original pattern due to the difference in gauge. I chose to revise this pattern to be knit in 2 sizes (instead of the original 3) since the width of the cable panel pretty much dictates the minimum circumference possible in the design; I feel confident that the sproinginess of the yarn and the elasticity of the stitch pattern will still work for the range of foot sizes covered by the original design. For example, I have slender-ish ankles and the 7.5" cuff fit me just fine, and it could easily stretch to accommodate a larger leg circumference, too. The charts and instructions themselves have not otherwise been changed, so it is still quite true to the original concept and design.

Original release date: July 2011
Naturally, I also took this opportunity to update the pattern photography and layout, so it should look much nicer and match my latest releases (for those of you who are keeping track of such things). I have already notified those who have purchased this pattern of these changes, and I have opted to leave the original PDF as a download option for the next couple of months for those who would like access to the instructions for all three of the original sizes (plus the accompanying charts). It should be fairly obvious which is which, but of course, should you find yourself wondering which pattern to download, you can always message me on Ravelry to clear things up! Furthermore, anyone who purchases a copy of this pattern is always welcome to the archive version of Alameda Socks (let's call it v1.0), they just need to contact me on Ravelry so that I can send the PDF their way manually.

I'm so excited about this new (old) sock pattern and can't wait to see which color of GEMS sport folks choose to knit their own!

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