Monday, March 30, 2015

March Goals / April Goals

Another month has flown by! Since April is looking to be as action-packed as March (if not more so), I thought I'd be efficient by evaluating my progress on this month's goals and also sharing my plans for the month ahead on today's post. First, let's check in to see how I did this past month!


1. Launch an awesome new blog feature to keep things interesting while I work on some projects which I can't share publicly (more on that later this month). Launched! You can see the first two posts in this feature here, and I have more exciting guests planned for April!
2. Finish 2 new designs and one top-secret project by the March 26 deadlines. Over the weekend, I made a knitting schedule of where I should be at certain times this month for each project, and it's totally doable to have them done in time if I stick with it! Completed ahead of schedule...I can't wait to share these projects with you once they are made public.
3. Finish my Caesius CurlsKAL project (for realsies). Completed & blogged here.
4. Complete 8 more squares (2 each week) on my scrap yarn blanket (but only if I meet my design knitting goals first, of course. Success - in fact, I added a whopping 21 new squares this month.
5. The long shot: finish my Block Island Pullover! Done, and I'll be blogging about it this Friday!
Tempting Cloudlover Spinning Fiber!

Wow, a 100% success rate for March's goals?! I guess that makes up for February, where I fell short on several of my to-do list items. Perhaps I was overly ambitious in February - or, conversely, too conservative for March. For April, I will once again go out on a limb and shoot for a more ambitious set of goals. 


1. Project Gnome Diplomacy: I want to make 6 gnomes total to donate to the cause (3 are already completed). 
2. Spinning Project: I'd like to spin a couple of my Cloudlover Fiber club braids, and I also have a Turkish spindle that I've been meaning to try out for about a month now. 
3. Small projects! Before I start my next sweater, I want to finish lots of smaller projects which have been tempting me the last few months. I have a backlog of FreshStitches Kit Club shipments, and there are lots of other toys in my Ravelry queue which I'm dying to make. 
4. Finish & release a new design in Baah Yarn which I am currently working on.
5. Swatch for my next sweater.
6. Learn Tunisian Crochet & start this project finally! I signed up for a class at YarnCon, so I am really excited to finally check this off of my list.
7. Complete 12 squares (3 each week) on my scrap yarn blanket. I'm sure I'll knit many more than 12 during the month of April, but since I have such a lengthy to-do list already, I don't want to stress myself out about this! I think adding 3 each week is enough of a challenge without being too overwhelming alongside everything else.

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