Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goals

Admittedly low-tech, but I think this will keep me on task.
1. Launch an awesome new blog feature to keep things interesting while I work on some projects which I can't share publicly (more on that later this month).
2. Finish 2 new designs and one top-secret project by the March 26 deadlines. Over the weekend, I made a knitting schedule of where I should be at certain times this month for each project, and it's totally doable to have them done in time if I stick with it!
3. Finish my Caesius CurlsKAL project (for real this time).
4. Complete 8 more squares (2 each week) on my scrap yarn blanket (but only if I meet my design knitting goals first, of course.
5. The long shot: finish my Block Island Pullover!

I have a feeling #2 is going to keep me quite busy all month long, and I think it'll be quite a challenge to complete #3 and #5 by March 31, but who knows - once everything is safely turned in, perhaps I'll have a finishing bonanza at the end of the month.
Goal #4: Adding 2 squares to my scrap yarn blanket each week!
Speaking of keeping things interesting on this blog, I will be sharing a lot of different posts than I normally write, and I hope you'll hang with me - who knows, maybe we'll both enjoy the new direction! I can tell you that I have a few reviews and even a giveaway planned, I'll be sharing some local Chicago events and KALS (though I don't see why folks outside of the area can't also join in!), a few tips and tricks, and I'll even be starting a new series which I hope everyone is as excited about as I am.

If you are moved to share your feedback along the way, I'll be interested to hear what you think - even if I don't respond to your comment (sorry!), I do read each and every one and I appreciate it when folks take the time to share them!

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  1. Ooooh, curious about the new blog features!