Monday, May 4, 2015

April Goals / May Goals

May has kind of snuck up on me, perhaps because we've had such a cool spring, but I suppose it's time to evaluate how well I did with last month's goals before I set some new ones for the month ahead. First, here's a rundown how well I did with meeting last month's goals:


1. Project Gnome Diplomacy: I want to make 6 gnomes total to donate to the cause (3 are already completed). Done & blogged here
2. Spinning Project: I'd like to spin a couple of my Cloudlover Fiber club braids, and I also have a Turkish spindle that I've been meaning to try out for about a month now. Oops! Totally got sidetracked and only managed  to spin halfway through a completely different project, blogged here
3. Small projects! Before I start my next sweater, I want to finish lots of smaller projects which have been tempting me the last few months. I have a backlog of FreshStitches Kit Club shipments, and there are lots of other toys in my Ravelry queue which I'm dying to make. I only made one of my FreshStitches kits, but I also made a platypus, a bunny, and a random Tiny Sheep last month, so I'm still calling this a win.
4. Finish & release a new design in Baah Yarn which I am currently working on. It got put into time out last month while I brainstormed ideas to fix an aesthetic issue that popped up in v1.0.
5. Swatch for my next sweater. Done! And I cast on for it, too - blogged here
6. Learn Tunisian Crochet & start this project finally! I signed up for a class at YarnCon, so I am really excited to finally check this off of my list. Took the class and feel proficient with everything I learned, though I decided to start a simpler project to practice before tackling the laceweight shawl. 
7. Complete 12 squares (3 each week) on my scrap yarn blanket. Done! All in all, I added 16 new squares to my throw in April. 

So that's approximately a 65% success rate for last month - not bad bad considering how distracted I got with all of the new, shiny things which have been tempting me ever since YarnCon. Needless to say, the theme of May will be finishing all of the things and keeping things short, sweet and manageable (especially since TNNA is at the end of the month!). 


1. Finish my Lake Michigan Tee
2. Spinning Project: finish the one I started last month, 8 oz of BFL from New Zealand.   
3. Finish & release a new design in Baah Yarn before TNNA. 
4. Finish my practice Tunisian crochet scarf so I can start this project for realsies. 
5. Complete 12 squares (3 each week) on my scrap yarn blanket.

That's it - 5 very modest goals for May. Hopefully I will be able to stay on track this month.

Have you set any crafting goals for May?


  1. I'm finding short-and-sweet to work better with my goals, although I still overestimate my crafting time. 65% isn't bad at all!

    1. Haha, thanks - sometimes it's hard to remember that I don't have to reach 100% of my craft goals 100% of the time!