Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Grey vs. Color

I'm still continuing with my all-grey, all-the-time theme for WIPs this week. Actually, that sock I posted about last week looks exactly the same, as it's sat in my bag untouched in favor of my other projects for the time being. I took my Tunisian scarf to knit with some friends at the coffee shop, where it was suggested that I could turn it into a nice buttony cowl instead. I've never had much attention span for scarves, so this is a pretty good solution to the issue of boredom I'm experiencing now that I feel reasonably proficient with the techniques, but I still haven't made a final call on scarf vs. cowl.

The big news is that I cast on for the Lake Michigan Tee after finishing and blocking the swatch last week! I'm not very far along, but I'm excited to see how this shapes up, especially once I start adding the other yarns for my pseudo-ombre effect.
I've been wanting to start a new project using non-grey yarn, but have been hemming and hawing as to what that might be, especially since I'll be traveling some during the month of May and want to make sure I have plenty of projects I can work on in transit. So, I decided to break out my spinning wheel and spin up the brightest fiber I have currently in my stash: 8 oz of New Zealand BFL in a colorway called "Poppies in Oz." I'll be talking more about this spinning fiber later, as it's VERY different than the BFL you are probably used to. I purchased it a few months back from the Woolery, where it is currently on sale for a pretty sweet deal, which is what prompted me to give it a try in the first place.  I just filled my bobbin with the first 4 oz. of the fiber, and am hoping to get the second single spun up this weekend - and maybe even plied!
Also, if you're just joining me this week, there is an awesome guest post by Alicia Morandi of Woolen Diversions sharing her favorite ways to procrasti-knit - click here to check it out!

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