Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WIPs, FOs & HOs

Since finishing my Block Island Sweater, I've been all about working on smaller instant-gratification projects: for instance, over the weekend, I finished my Gnome Rainbow for #ProjectGnomeDiplomacy:
This got me excited about knitting tiny things - I purchased the new Tiny Alpaca pattern from Mochimochiland along with the Tiny Sheep pattern so that I could make some friends for my gnomes. I plan on knitting some of these fun little guys over the upcoming weekend!

I was inspired to start a crochet Platypus when I randomly thought about the Easter Platypus from Invader Zim (click here to see what I'm talking about) - I think he's going to be so cute! I'm just using random destash yarn:
I've also been working on my self-striping socks from last week - here is my HO (half-finished object):
And lastly, I've been working on finishing up the newborn vertebrae I started last month:
I'm not totally in love with this particular pattern, but I think the finished sweater will still be a really nice baby gift! Now if I can just stop getting distracted with all of my random tiny knitting projects.....


  1. Love your ROYGBV gnomes!!!

  2. Can you give me a chart to make these Gnomes or teach me how to make it, please!!!!! It's so cute...