Friday, July 24, 2015

Fiber Friday: Tour de Fleece - Finished Skein Parade

The Tour de Fleece ends this Sunday, and I'm hoping to get a few more spinning projects finished up this weekend. However, I have a LOT of new skeins to share since last Friday's post, starting with the Quick's Point fiber from Cloudlover. It's a generous 360 yards of a two-ply sport weight....and I'm thinking it wants to be SOCKS!
Last weekend, I plied the Coopworth into a really lovely two-ply worsted, and I am pretty sure it will want to be a cowl or some fingerless gloves:
Yesterday was the "challenge day" for the tour, and since I had a pretty big queue for plying, I decided to see how many singles I could work through in just one day. I started with the Museum Grudge Match singles, since that project had been in progress the longest.
Then I quickly plied the wool/flax singles:
After that, I ran out of steam. I could have started the dyed merino, but I decided to save it til today. When I'm done with work for the day, I plan on plying the merino, picking some fiber for my final TDF spinning project this weekend, and then casting on for the Knitter's Pride/Laura Chau Neckwear KAL that's happening right now.

Here's hoping you also have a fun and crafty weekend!


  1. All your skeins look lovely! I can almost picture the coopworth and wool/linen worked together...