Friday, July 10, 2015

FO & Fiber Friday: Tour de Fleece, Week 1

Week 1 of the Tour de Fleece is almost to a close, and I only have one finished skein to show for it. It's a lovely skein, for sure - 4oz of Rambouillet from the Cloudlover Fiber Club's February shipment (the colorway is named Paper Hearts). I've got approximately 126 yards of a 2-ply worsted weight, which will be great for more baby-related projects, I think!
You might be wondering what happened with the Museum Grudge Match spinning project that I shared on Wednesday - by all accounts, I should be finished with this handspun project by now. And I would have been, if only my wheel hadn't broken on Wednesday night! I had just sat down to spin after a VERY long work day. I wasn't even five minutes in when the unthinkable happened: the small plastic/rubber piece which secures the footman to the treadle simply gave out. To be fair, this wheel has seen a LOT of action since I bought it used 3 years ago: at least two trips to Kansas City, two Tour de Fleeces, and two Spinzillas. The good news is that the part is very easily replaced, and I have it on order - hopefully it will arrive soon! Also, I have another spinning wheel (and some drop spindles, too), so it's really just a bump in the road - eventually, I will get to finish the project which is in progress on the temporarily sidelined wheel, and in the mean time I get to start something NEW.

I happily dove into some Organic Polwarth I bought from an Etsy dyer I discovered via Instagram called the Classy Squid Fiber Co. and I am loving it so far - it spins like a dream, and the colorway, Bluebird, is just so pretty!
Also for this week, I have a project made with some handspun yarn I spun earlier this year:
The pattern is Allyson Dykhuizen's Baby Sweater Buffet, and I used some hand-dyed & handspun polwarth to create a cute little bear-eared hoody! It still needs buttons, but I am having a hard time picking some out at the moment. I have hundreds and hundreds of buttons in my stash, but none of them seem right for this project! Rather than slap something on randomly, I think I'll wait til I know exactly who will be getting this sweater, and then maybe that will help me pick out the perfect buttons to finish the job.

That about wraps it up for the all-handspun edition or FO & Fiber Friday. Have a crafty weekend!

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