Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Goals / July Goals

It's that magical time again, when I evaluate the previous months' goals and set some new ones for the month ahead. The last couple of months, I haven't done so well with staying on track, but I think I fared a little better for June, hooray!
Michigan Tee: Done!


1. Finish my Lake Michigan Tee - DONE! Finally! I blogged about it here
2. Spinning Project: Some of the fibers I've recently stashed are calling to me! I actually finished two handspinning projects last month, a 4oz braid of fiber from the Cloudlover Fiber Club and 4oz of BFL from Mountain Colors.
3. Finish & release a new design in Baah Yarn. Wah designs in progress (yes, plural) have fallen by the wayside in the wake of increased work duties and responsibilities. This continues to be my white whale!
4. Knit swatches for a few designs that have been percolating in my head for way too long. I have been swatching and sketching! My ideas far outpace my available hours for completing them, regrettably. 
5. Finish one more hat for my aunt (already in progress). Finished & blogged here!
6. Figure out what to do with my practice Tunisian crochet scarf since I have kind of lost interest in it. Maybe it wants to be a cowl? It's still in time out. 
7. Complete 12 squares (3 each week) on my scrap yarn blanket. Success! I have added a whopping 17 squares to this bad boy. It's now 43" x 43"!
The scrap yarn blanket  continues to grow.

Five out of seven is pretty good, especially considering that last month I only completed one of the goals I'd set (well, technically 1.5, but that's not really much better, is it?). I do think that I'm going to set some different goals for July since I am kind of getting stressed about things in general - and isn't knitting supposed to be a fun stress reliever?!?! From now til the end of the year, things are going to be very busy for me, both in my work and personal life. I find I am getting stressed when I focus on finishing a set number of things (and then feel doubly stressed when I fall short of the mark). I would love to do ALL OF THE THINGS - who wouldn't? - but it's just not reasonable to expect myself to be superhuman.

So, with that in mind, here are my July Goals:

1. Spin with Team Cloudlover for the Tour de Fleece. I was contemplating not spinning at all, but then I was invited to join this team and realized that I have a LOT of Cloudlover fiber in my stash. Plus, the focus isn't on cranking out lots of yardage - it's just spinning every day the tour rides. Even if that's just 5 minutes, I think I can handle that. Spinning is very relaxing for me, so maybe it will be a nice stress reliever in the midst of all the craziness! I have a few braids of fiber earmarked for Tour de Fleece which I hope I can spun through all of the way!

2. Spend a few hours each weekend working on design ideas - sketching, swatching, or pattern writing, it doesn't matter as long as I'm doing SOMETHING. It's really easy to avoid working on these when I'm focused solely on getting a finished pattern out of it, but if I can just allow myself to experiment without a lot of pressure, I might end up meeting that goal regardless.

3. Try to make some more of the small projects which have been in my queue for a while to clear the way for larger ones (ie SWEATERS) later this summer. This means: baby projects, toys, and the like! Anything that can be finished in under a week, more or less.

4. Destash! If I'm going to start a better be with stash yarn and/or handspun. I've got mountains of yarn already, there is no excuse to buy more this month (but of course, I'll probably find one). 

5. Continue to add to the scrap yarn blanket. Rather than setting a number of squares to knit for July, I'd like to focus on weaving in all of the many ends which are currently on this WIP and then adding some new squares as I have time - no pressure!

And that's really it. I know I'm stacking the deck for success on this one, but I think I will be more productive when I'm not worried so much about finishing huge amounts of projects just for the sake of saving face when it comes time to blog about them (also, apparently that isn't enough of a motivator for me...!). 

May your July be full of stress-free crafting and spinning, too! 

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  1. Goals 2 and 4 are right up my alley, too. I haven't designed anything in forever because of PRESSURE but I have so many ideas that I know if I just allowed myself to play around, one would sneak out on it sown. And I hear you on the destashing... sigh. haha