Monday, July 6, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015: Spinning Supplies

Besides the obvious need for spinning fiber (and lots of it), I thought I would share some of the supplies which I have in my toolkit for this year's Tour de Fleece.
Actual tools have already come in handy: one of the first things I did was tighten all of the screws on both of my wheels before I started my first spinning project on July 4th. My Louet Victoria wheel uses a hexawrench (1); for the Schacht Ladybug, I can use a regular phillips-head screwdriver (3).

While I was thinking of it, I decided to clean both wheels with a bit of Murphy's Oil Soap (5) and a damp cloth to remove any dirt which might have accrued, concentrating especially on the treadles. After everything dried, I used a little wheel wax (6) to condition the wood. I also am keeping this cute little bottle of spinning wheel oil (7) handy for any squeaks which pop up - note the long needle-nose tip for easy application! Most of these tools can be bought at a hardware store or Target; I did purchase Rosie's wheel wax and spinning oil from the Woolery.

I am hoping that I can find the time to set up my Ladybug in double drive at some point during this event (perhaps one of the challenge days?), so I am keeping the string which came with my wheel at the ready (2) just in case I am emboldened to try something new. I would also like to finally use the 3-D printed Turkish Spindle I bought from Turtle Made on Etsy (4); this is certainly a great excuse to give it a try, especially if I somehow manage to fill all of my bobbins and need something else to do before plying.

Speaking of plying, I have a tensioned Lazy Kate (above) which was gifted to me for Christmas last year. Bonus: it works for both brands of bobbins! My other two essentials are, of course, a niddy noddy (not pictured) and a WPI gauge (below) so that I can keep track of the finished yardage and yarn weight for each finished skein.
What are your spinning essentials? If you have any suggestions for tools or other supplies I should consider trying, I'd love to hear them in the comments!

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