Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WIP Wednesday: All the Grey Projects

I find myself with only grey projects on the needles right now! How did that happen?! It seems like I get stuck in little color phases, and this one is all grey, all the time! Each project is from a different portion of the grey spectrum - for instance, my project for the Sweater of Broad Shoulders KAL is kind of a brownish-grey (the colorway is named Mousey, after all). It's been coming along a bit slowly after a few false starts, but last weekend I finally made it though the first two stitch patterns!
I am still plugging away on my other gray sweater, which is knit with Bijou Basin Ranch yak yarn in a nice, crisp light grey color (I think it has an ever-so-slight bluish hue). I'm using the Pennant Cardi pattern from the fall issue of Knitscene. Yep, That's a lot of grey stockinette!
Last but not least, I am still chugging away on the Leonarda Wrap...which is more of a purple-y grey. Everything was going well till I realized I'd incorrectly knit a crucial row, which has increases across the board to maintain the stitch count - and this mistake was several rows back. Naturally, I discovered this mistake near the end of the evening, so I basically undid all of my work for the night before putting this project down and going to bed. Kind of a bummer, but I'll give it another try tonight, and who knows? Maybe it'll be done by the end of the weekend!
It's the end of September and I have finally decided to give up on my monthly goal-setting. I thought it would help me be more of a productive crafter, but it turned out to have the opposite effect. I was going to try to stick with it til the end of the year, but there is just too much happening this fall to dedicate an entire post to something that my heart's not it. So, this Friday I'll be announcing the winner for the Knitter's Pride needle set and WEEKEND book giveaway, plus I'll have a fun new FO to share, too. See you then!

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