Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday: What's Crackin'

On Monday, the Sweater of Broad Shoulders KAL kicked off (click here if you missed it!). I've made a modest bit of progress since Monday - hello, 1x1 ribbing!
I am still plugging away on my other gray sweater, but I feel like I'm basically posting the same progress photo each week, even though the sweater is just a little bit longer each time! That's also how I'm feeling about the Leonarda wrap I have on the needles - progress is being made, but is it really exciting to see the same photo of a blobby work in progress? I'm assuming no (correct me if I'm wrong in the comments!) and skipping over these two projects to get to what's actually seeing the most noticeable change....for example, I'm finished with the second clue of the Perspectives MKAL and anxiously awaiting Clue #3, which comes out tomorrow!
Unbelievably, I've resurrected the destash mitered square blanket this week thanks to the #BlanketMadness KAL that's happening on Instagram right now (I believe it runs 9/12-9/18?). Thanks go out to Laura from The Corner of Knit & Tea who alerted me to this freeform KAL; it's exactly what I needed to reinvigorate this project. I've only added 3 squares (gray, purple and aqua) since the KAL started, but that's almost as many as I added during the entire month of that's something, right?!
That's it for this week - don't forget to check out my awesome giveaway for super-cute Gleener Tote Bags, which ends on Monday, September 21. Spoiler alert: I'll be sharing all of my Wisconsin Sheep & Wool purchases (and *coughcough* sheep photos!!) this coming Friday, see you then!

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