Friday, October 14, 2016

At Last, Socks

If it seems like these socks have been on the needles for a long time, it's because they have! I started them in April of this year when I decided I wanted to try out some funky bent DPNs I discovered at H+H the previous month. While I initially enjoyed trying out with these novel needles, I ended up switching back to my comfortable (unbent) DPNs because I just wanted to knit a little faster and get this project done!


And done they are - they fit Tyler quite nicely and he said he really liked how the yarn felt on his feet (I used a skein of Ancient Arts Yarn Merino/Nylon Sock in A Road Less Traveled).


I was also able to capture a glorious eyeroll from my reluctant model during the photo shoot:


The pattern is just a little something I made up (a simple knit/purl pattern for the leg and stockinette for the foot), and I used the Fish Lips Kiss heel for the first time ever. Typically, when I try a new heel or toe construction, I end up wishing I used my tried-and-true, but this little experiment paid off. Don't be intimidated by the 16-page document of instructions you receive when you purchase the FLK instructions (it's just $1.99 here on Ravelry); it's really quite easy to do once you get started, and since I knit my socks top-down, it was a lot easier to position the heel in the right spot.

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  1. Your socks look great! And I have that fish lips heel in my queue... one of these days!