Monday, October 23, 2017

Favorite Links: October

A while ago, I was walking down the street with my husband and we noticed a "Stranger Things" themed pop-up bar - with a HUGE line to get in. Chicagoans really love waiting in line for the most ridiculous things (and sometimes cool things, too - I have no idea which category this one falls into). Not soon after that, I stumbled across this article about the hilarious cease-and-desist letter that Netflix sent to the owners of the bar, who had not received permission for it. Oops!

The final days of the 2017 MLB season are here, with the World Series starting tomorrow. I've got high hopes that the Astros can stop the Dodgers' reign of unyielding terror (I mean, they have to lose eventually, right? It's just not natural!). Besides seeing the Astros celebrate their second trip to the World Series ever in the history of their franchise, there are a few other baseball-related stories that have tickled me recently, such as this fascinating post about a former baseball player who started a quilting magazine on the While She Naps blog.

This random article about the organist for the Boston Red Sox combines some interesting historical tidbits with a peek behind a most unusual curtain. I especially liked reading about how he decides which songs to play, as well as the history of baseball organists.

This article isn't new, but I had just heard something in passing about Evan Gattis' battle with depression and (eventual) return to baseball and was curious to find out more. There seems to be a lot of players who have unconventional journeys to the majors (Peter Moylan comes to mind), and this one has an even happier ending now that he is World Series-bound with the 'Stros!

And just because a blog post isn't a blog post without some photos, and today's post has a baseball are a few fun things I found lurking on my phone:

Peter Moylan has gum stuck on his butt while pitching 😂
Peter Moylan has gum on his butt while pitching.

One of my favorite baseball selfies in front of the Salvy Splash Mural at the K.

A Lego replica of Kauffman Stadium (aka The K)

Thanks for stopping by, I'll have actual fiber-related posts to share with you later this week!

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