Monday, November 27, 2017

To Give & Get: Holiday Gift Ideas for Yarn and Fiber Lovers

If you're reading this, that means you survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday - congratulations! The holiday season is officially in high gear, and if you are still working on making your wish list or need some ideas for your yarn-loving friends, this post is for you!

Enamel Pins
The enamel pin craze has not died down, I am still seeing so many fun and adorable designs everywhere I look! They're great for adorning project bags and decorating lapels alike, and there are lots of fun fiber-themed pins that would make great stocking stuffers or affordable gifts for your knitting group. I'm partial to these enamel pins from Bijou Basin Ranch, which make me smile every time I spot them on my project bag:


Cross Stitch Ornaments
There's no such thing as too many ornaments, and I've become obsessed with wooden cross stitch blanks - they're so easy, even I can do them (and I have zero experience with cross stitch anything). I love the charming Stitchable Sweater and Stitchable Mitten ornaments from Katrinkles (and she has the cutest buttons ever, too!), and have also been purchasing blanks via Amazon and Etsy. Even if you don't want to stitch them up, someone crafty would probably enjoy the opportunity to create their own ornament!


Yarn vs. Gift Certificates 
We all love yarn. Of course, if you're not a knitter/crocheter/user of yarn, purchasing yarn for someone else can be quite intimidating. While there are technically no wrong answers when it comes to yarn (except for maybe Red Heart, but that's all a matter of taste), I recommend going the gift certificate route instead of trying to guess what someone might like. Sure, we'll probably find a use for it...eventually....but most of us have a sizable stash of yarn as it is, and there is a huge spectrum of personal preferences among knitters and crocheters. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what could easily be a 20-page thesis, so just believe me when I tell you that a gift certificate will delight and enthrall (especially if you manage to find out their favorite yarn shop!!).

Project Kits
There is one loophole to the previous statement: if you know for sure the specific types of projects someone likes to make, project kits make a great gift. A few weeks ago, I reviewed an adorable amigurumi crochet kit from Global Backyard industries that would be perfect for beginning or intermediate crocheters. If you can indulge a little shameless self-promotion, I have a one-skein knitted cowl kit available here from Bijou Basin Ranch which would be good for folks who like to knit accessories. A lot of yarn shops will offer project kits for popular patterns, or you can check out Kitterly, a website that is devoted almost entirely to project kits. Monthly clubs are another option, as most of them include patterns with the yarn and other goodies (Knitcrate and Yarnbox are some of the popular ones in the knitting world, and I think they both offer crochet options, too).

Everything-you-need Ruby Crochet Kit
EoT 4
Eyelet of the Tiger Knitted Cowl Kit

The Splurge: Ball Winder and Swift
I recently was gifted this ball winder and swift from Knitter's Pride and it is seriously the best thing ever. Winding yarn has never been more fun and easy, and I love that it can even handle the ginormous balls of handspun yarn that most regular ball winders can't accommodate.


While there are still plenty more ideas for gift-giving this holiday season, I hope this gets you started in the right direction. Feel free to leave your favorite gift ideas or what's on your wish list in the comments!

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