Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WIP Wednesday: More Pink, More Fading

Holy cow, it's November already?! It's a good thing I'm not knitting gifts for the holidays, because I would be in big trouble at this point. 2017 has been the year of selfish knitting, and I have to say - I'm not sorry.

After redoing the charts for this hat I'm knitting in Shepherd's Lamb Rambouillet, it's coming along faster (who knew that condensing 3 charts into just 1 would be such a time-saver?!), although I find I have to pace myself since I decided to knit this project at such a tight gauge (on US 4 needles). The results will be worth it, though - look those lovely textured stitches!


These socks came out of hibernation, although they are another project I have to work on in small bursts. Socks still really hurt my hands, which is a bummer because I like knitting them. I'm trying to experiment with ways to hold my hands and my knitting to minimize the strain, but so far I haven't found the magic bullet just yet.


Consequently, my So Faded Sweater has seen a lot of action because it's the one project that doesn't hurt my hands, even if I work on it for long periods of time! Also, it's just mindless stockinette, which is pretty handy for days in which my brain can't handle reading charts (let's face it, that's most days lately). I just finished binding off the body and should be starting the sleeves (hopefully 2-at-a-time) later this week!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be sharing a yarn review and weaving project back here on Friday. See you then!

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