Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday: New Stuff!

Some exciting new things have found their way to me recently, most notably a fancy new swift and ballwinder from Knitter's Pride:


I've been anxiously awaiting their arrival, as I have become increasingly frustrated with my old ball winder and swift. They've served me well these past 7 years, but especially where the swift was concerned, it was time to upgrade to something nicer (and let's not even talk about how many times this happened over the years). I ended up rearranging my office to find a space for them, and while I plan to tuck the swift underneath my weaving table when not in use, the ball winder has a permanent home on top of the record cabinet: 


The smoothness of both the swift and ball winder has made the biggest impression on me; I especially love that I can use either my right or left hand to drive the ball winder, and it takes very little effort at all. This is a very welcome change, as I've been trying to minimize any repetitive movements that can strain or cause pain in my arms and hands - every little bit helps! 


The first yarns I wound with my new goodies were for a new hat project using a new Brown Sheep yarn called Prairie Spun DK. I'm really excited to work with it, as the squishiness of the skeins have already won me over. I just started the Maize Hat and will be sharing a full review of this yarn once I've finished it! 

I have a fun FO project to share with you this Friday, so be sure to check back. Thanks for stopping by!