Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Challenge Accepted! 2018 Ravelry Project Challenge

Has anyone noticed this little badge in the top right corner of your Ravelry notebook?

From what I can gather, this is an informal, self-guided challenge to make a specific number of projects within the calendar year. There doesn't appear to be any official Ravelry group or thread associated with accountability or sharing progress, though I've noticed some groups dedicated to destashing or other KALs have picked up on it and are using the feature in conjunction with their event. There is also a discussion thread here in For The Love of Ravelry where people can ask questions about how everything works.

Joining is pretty easy: after you click on the badge, all you have to do is enter a number and click "sign me up!"


I've never really thought about how many projects I want to make in a year, so I set an arbitrary goal of 50 - I honestly have no idea if that is a reasonable or unreasonable goal, but it does look like you can adjust it at any point if you wish, and any project that has a finish date in 2018 (even if it was started in 2017) counts toward your goal.

What's fun is that you can also earmark queued projects for this challenge by setting a due date for any time in 2018:


I have been working on paring down my queue to things I think I might actually make (you know, someday) and have started adding in some arbitrary due dates so that I can focus my efforts for this year. Here's what projects I already have the yarn for and have designated for this challenge so far:

Will you be setting a goal for finished projects in 2018?


  1. I picked 10, and joined the #2018makenine kal. 50 fo’s in a year seems crazy! How many did you make last year?
    I, too, have been editing my seemingly endless queue. Joining the make nine kal hasn’t helped. I’ve added way more now. Good luck with your goal!

    1. Haha...50 FO's in 1 year probably IS crazy. I haven't counted how many I made in 2017, but I probably should! I'll have to check out the make 9 KAL, that sounds interesting - thanks for the suggestion!