Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mustachio May Wrap-Up & TNNA, part I

I didn't spot too many mustachioes in the wild, but I did end up making a whole slew myself - and even dreamed up a few new mustachio recipes (to be released at a later date)!
Birthday 'stache by mercourier.

My 'stache stash.

If you missed out on the fun of Mustachio May, fret not - your chance shall come again next year.  'Til then, you must fill your days collecting the necessary yarns worthy of mustachio-making.   This is one of very few projects wherein it's ok to let the fun fur fly.
Git yer own!
I'll be posting a longer entry on Monday about my exploits at TNNA, though the story of how my friends and I got to the show certainly bears repeating!  We had a slight navigational error that resulted in our taking what was surely the most circuitous route possible between Chicago and Columbus.  I lost track of how many different two-lane highways we were on...but trust me, they numbered many. 
Off we go!
I think my pal Sam's blog entry sums up our journey to Columbus better than I could - but stay tuned for part two - dispatches from the show floor through the eyes of a TNNA virgin.

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