Friday, March 23, 2012

Socks for me - that's right, ME!

Welcome to the selfish knitting edition of FO Friday, where at long last I have finished a pair of socks for myself.  It's true!

Cookie A's Wedge Socks were indeed a fast knit - I probably could have made them in a matter of weeks if I hadn't been distracted by crocheting and other knitting projects.  But no matter, they are finished now...just in time for the ridiculous 80 degree weather we're having here in Chicago.  Guess they'll be the first ones out of the gate next fall!

(I will confess, I have not yet blocked them - but you get the idea, no?)

I've also been blazing full steam ahead on my first Finito project - after much deliberation, I decided to make Mercedes Tarasovitch-Clark's Haven Shawlette - a simple sideways garter triangle scarf with a pretty cabled edging.  It's interesting to make and perfectly shows off the subtle variation of the Paloma colorway.  And it knits up fast - I cast on last weekend and I'm nearly halfway done! 

The dark green background is a silk scarf from Thailand - two of my friends went there earlier this year and brought it back for me.  Besides wearing it around the house (though I like to say 'the office'), it has come in handy when I need a pretty backdrop!
If you haven't snagged yourself a few skeins of Finito, do yourself a favor - besides being incredibly soft to squish in the skein, the colorways look exceptionally amazing in this yarn.  It knits up even softer and has really excellent stitch definition, as you can see above.  It's a shame that you can only get this yarn once per year, but I suppose that makes it all the more special.  I know that I'll treasure this scarf when it's done, and I can't wait to make something else with my 2 skeins of Mares.  Deciding what that will be is the hard part!

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