Friday, January 10, 2014

FO Friday: SilverSpun Mitts

I first heard about SilverSpun yarn from the Feel Good Yarn Company over on my pal Allyson's blog. It popped up again as a reward for the Woolly App Kickstarter, and finally I ended up connecting with Laurie, the woman behind it all. She sent me a skein of SilverSpun yarn to try out, and I couldn't wait to cast on!

Since the pure silver that is spun throughout the yarn has therapeutic properties, I thought a pair of fingerless mitts would be a good project. It should also be noted that the silver lends the yarn conductive properties as well, which means that you can knit a pair of gloves and use them to operate any touch-screen device while wearing them! Anyway, I went the fingerless mitt route and made the Dalkey Mitts from Carol Feller's Contemporary Irish Knits. This is the first project in my never-ending quest to see how many projects I can make from books already on my shelf, might I add!

There were several pleasant surprises about this yarn: first, I was happy to see that the silver didn't add any sparkle to the yarn - I know that was popular for a nanosecond in 2012/13, and I've bought a few skeins of sparkly yarn here and there, but overall, I like to leave the bling out of my knitting. Another surprise was how easy it was to knit with: the fiber content is 87% combed cotton, 11% silver and 2% lycra. Most cottons feel a bit tough and hurt my hands to work with, but the cotton was very soft and lofty and I'm guessing the little bit of lycra is the magic ingredient to an easy-to-knit-with yarn. Finally, I was surprised at how warm the mitts are! My living room is quite drafty, and these little mitts did wonders to ward off frozen hand syndrome.

I have just a little bit of yarn left over, and I may use it to knit the fingertips in a pair of gloves to take advantage of the conductive properties (that is, if I can get up the gumption to actually make a pair of gloves).

In other news, I knit a swatch for my next 30 Day Sweater. I'm not sure if I'll actually make it in a month, but it sure would be nice to have a new sweater to wear this season! I'm using The Fibre Company's Canopy Fingering (swatched here in Sumac, but I also have a few skeins of Wild Ginger which I'll be using for a contrast color) and it's blocking on my new blocking mats from Knitter's Pride. I have a few sketches for what I'd like this sweater to become - I'll be using the framework to create my own custom sweater this time around!

Thanks for stopping by this week - for FO Friday inspiration, visit the Tami's Amis blog.

Have a crafty weekend! 

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  1. Silver Spun yarn sounds very interesting. Cute gloves too.

    A thirty-day sweater?! Wow. I clicked through your link but I'm not sure I'm ready for that. Your swatched yarn looks lovely. Can't wait to see what you come up with.