Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday: Enter the Bling

This week, I have an exciting Find your Fade update: I finally got to the the fourth color, a skein of stellina yarn that was gifted to me recently:
I have an instagram buddy with whom I swap beer a few times a year, and we always include something yarny for each other; this skein of hand-dyed yarn from the Susquehanna Knitting Company seemed like the perfect thing to use for the middle color of this project (and I totally dig the color name, Winter Waves).

I've also made it to the heel on my first Waterlilies sock, over the weekend I put in the placeholder yarn so that I can work an afterthought heel. You have to really squint to see the not-so-contrasty gray yarn I used, but I assure you it is there!
Since there is some sample knitting in my future, I am trying to avoid starting new projects right now in favor of finishing current (and possibly languishing) WIPs. The yarn for one such sample arrived earlier this week - check out this luscious bundle of Clara yarn from Manos!
Unfortunately, I can't divulge what this yarn is for just yet...all I can say is that I am pretty excited to work with it.

Thanks for stopping by - see you back here for FO Friday!

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