Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Hat Pattern I Never Tire of Knitting

It's not often when you find a pattern you don't mind knitting again and again (or maybe that's just me?!). But when you do, it's nice to have that old favorite ready to go whenever you need a quick gift or a soothing knit. When I originally designed A Most Addictive Slipped Stitch Hat, it used one of my favorite yarns from Bijou Basin Ranch, Himalayan Trail. I knit both of the samples pictured in the original version of the pattern (which then went on to become display pieces in the Bijou Basin Ranch booth), plus another one I got to keep for myself.

Recently, the yarn base originally used in the pattern was discontinued, and they have sold out of nearly all remaining stock - but the good news is that project kits for this pattern are still available, because I worked with the folks at Bijou to rework the pattern to use their newest yarn, Himalayan Summit!


This crisp fingering weight yarn is really delightful to work with, and the 50/50 yak and merino blend works well with the simple slipped stitch pattern of my original design. If you're a faster knitter than me (and let's face it, most of you probably are!!), you can whip out a hat or two to give as holiday gifts this year - one project kit will easily yield two hats. I used 1 skein each of Big Hippo and Prickly Bottom, each from their Seriously, It's in Tasmania collection of hand-dyed colors; there are many more fabulous color combinations you can pick from when purchasing your kit, too!


You can find the pattern and project kit over on the Bijou Basin Ranch website - be sure to sign up for their newsletter because they always run fabulous holiday sales this time of year. It's also available here on Ravelry.

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