Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I wanna be a whale!

Working on some colorwork socks at the moment - I recently bought Wendy Johnson's new book, Toe-Up Socks for Every Body, and I am in love with so many of the colorwork designs!  I was never much of a colorwork sock girl...I always make my stitches and floats too tight, and then the sock fabric isn't stretchy enough and it's nearly impossible to get over one's ankles. 

It's amazing, however, what going up a needle size can do for you.  My floats and stitches are still sometimes a little too tight (hence the slight puckering in the unblocked sock pictured below), but there is still plenty of give and i think this will actually be wearable. 

This is my version of Wendy's Critter Socks; while I think ducks and cats are fine little critters, for some reason I've had whales on my brain.  I made my own colorwork chart to plug into her pattern, and if you'd like to have some whales on your socks (or gloves or hats...), this chart can be easily inserted into any project with a stitch count divisible by 14 (toe- or bottom-up, of course). 


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