Monday, August 2, 2010

BFL is blocking!

When was the last time I had an FO that wasn't top-secret?  It feels like months to me. (Edit:  correction, it's been almost exactly a month.  doh.)  But today I present to you my version of Laura Chau's Simple Yet Effective Scarf, which I've been knitting with the handspun BFL I made as my first project for the Tour de Fleece last month.  I soaked it this morning and it's currently being blocked on what passes for our dining room table.  I'm hoping the cats don't decide it makes a comfy bed....if i block things on my massage table, I usually find a cat lying atop my project a few hours later. at least they don't tend to wrinkle it up - if anything, they're sort of like big, furry irons.  all the same, i feel as though it will dry faster WITHOUT a 20-pound cat using it as a lounge. 

Unblocked, curly-edged scarf:


Many views while blocking!

my plan is to sew on some buttons and wear as a cowl.  I have a tiny bit of handspun left, which is most likely going to trim some mittens or fingerless gloves at some point. 

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