Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I recently treated myself to this book, and not only am I in love with the overall presentation and creative photography, but i am overwhelmed by the sheer number of patterns i want to knit out of it!  my ravelry queue has grown exponentially, and it's just the shot in the arm i needed to get excited about socks once more.  bonus:  many of the patterns are for sport-weight socks, which is my new tactic for finishing all of my holiday gift knitting in a reasonable amount of time, while still juggling all the designing i want/need to get done.

working from my stash,  i thought a good project to use up some bright red tonal yarn would be the Samurai Socks - they're textured and cable-y, but not fussy  and overly time-consuming.  the slight variegation in the yarn doesn't overwhelm the pattern, and vice versa.  one of my favorite parts is that the cabling in the cuff becomes part of the pattern of the leg - little details like that always delight me.  

i just finished turning the heel and the gusset decreases yesterday, and since the rest of the foot is in stockinette stitch, i expect to be starting the second sock relatively soon. 


  1. Beautiful colour!
    I love that book too, and I have just finished a pair of Tsunami socks :)