Wednesday, September 1, 2010

seeing things differently

in all the years (7? 8?  i'm losing track now!) i've been knitting, i have to admit that i never got the concept of shawls.  to me, they just seemed like special torture - they're often using laceweight yarn with complicated charts that require lots of concentration, stitch markers, and perhaps a magnifying glass.  on top of that, i couldn't envision any scenario in which i'd need or want to wear one.

i've had a change of heart - well, sort of.  i don't see myself making a hanami any time soon (though i actually did try - i ended up frogging it six rows into the first chart), but earlier in the summer, i did make my first laceweight shawl - the ever-popular citron shawlette from knitty.

i had originally bought some yarn to make a laceweight cardi, but decided that i didn't like how the yarn was knitting up for the project.  i knew that, if i let it sit in my stash, it would languish and never become anything.  i wanted a simple project that was pretty, but not too frilly or fussy.  enter citron.

to read more about this project on my old blog, click here.

but enough back story - here's the next big first for me:  i purchased a shawl pin.  if you had told me last year (or even last month) that i would be doing such a thing, i would definitely have scoffed at you. i admit, i still had the (completely incorrect) perception that shawls = old lady.  like so many things in knitting, there are hundreds and thousands of knitters turning these very notions on their head by making beautiful, creative pieces in a modern style (um, i stole that last turn of phrase from william orbit...which means it's time to get off my soapbox!)

i may or may not be on the fast track to 'crazy old yarn lady' status - that is still up for debate.  but i am quite excited to sport my citron shawl at my sister-in-law's wedding this october.

for those of you who are interested: i am sporting a lantern moon pin - this is the 'all wired up' design by jim knopf, which i purchased from dreamweaver yarns.  so far, i'm pretty pleased with it - i think i'll be using it a lot this fall to secure my scarves when i walk to work - i cross the chicago river twice a day, and it can get pretty windy in these parts - at least i won't have to worry about losing my scarf!

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