Friday, September 10, 2010

aliens are landing at nina!

it's true, the invasion begins this afternoon, just in time for the renegade craft fair this weekend!  so since you'll already be in the neighborhood, go ahead and drop by nina's to see what's new (alien hand puppets alien hand puppets alien hand puppets) and squish some yarn! 

and now for the back story:  (or, why is a thirty-year-old woman so obsessed with alien hand puppets?)

last fall i was making lots of little finger puppets using leftover bits of sock yarn for a group show i did with my friends at beans and bagels.  at some point, i was skype-ing with my nephew, who always wants to see what toys i've been making, so i started showing him the finger puppets.  he picked out a favorite, and i filed it away for future reference. 

fast-forward to late spring, when i needed a quick-knitting something to send to said nephew, who was graduating kindergarten.  and thus, the alien hand puppet was born!  you know the rest, if you've been reading my blog since then, in which case, you're probably sick to death of hearing about these alien hand puppets. 

at any rate, on a total lark, i thought it would be fun to make a kit that includes enough hand-dyed yarn to knit the puppet, plus the safety eyes, felt, and embroidery yarn to give it a face.  i only dyed enough yarn to make six kits total, and four will be for sale (for $12) at nina (1655 w. division street, just steps away from the division blue line station), starting this weekend!  the other two are being squirrelled away for a rainy day (or my etsy shop).

non-knitters who want me to knit them an alien hand puppet of their own, feel free to comment here or contact me in the method you see fit (but be warned, i don't know morse code or sign language, and can't interpret smoke signals very well).

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