Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So many pattern updates!

an on-going task on my to-do list has been to update all of my existing patterns available for purchase - making them look snazzier, more streamlined and easier to follow.  this may include updating photos, adding fancy-pants charts in addition to written instructions, or just making the layout a little nicer.

here's what i've updated so far:

1.  peppermint lattice socks ($6 USD) - these were originally designed for a Canadian breast cancer fund-raising charity site that has since gone the way of the buffalo, and the rights reverted back to me.  i have updated this pattern for clarity and added better photos.  this pattern is a fun way to destash those single skeins of sock yarn you may have lying about!


2. honeycomb fingerless gloves ($6 USD) - i love these fingerless gloves because they are such a fast knit, and i'm a sucker for cables.  i've added a chart in addition to the written instructions, something i've always wanted to do, but only now have had the means to do so (i finally invested in charting software - huzzah!)

3.  alien invaders hand puppets ($6 USD) - i collapsed these into one pattern (instead of having a child-size one and an adult-sized one separately).  there are not only instructions for both sizes, but to make either alien face as you see fit. 

4.  senor stripey ($5 USD) - this has been edited for clarity, with my thanks to my friend ellen for helping me muddle through transcribing what's in my brain into instructions that make sense to someone other than myself!

whew!  that's a lot of updates - and there are more to come!

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